2 November 2023
8.2.3 Descendants & Ascendants, Articles 11 & 12 (Presidential Decree 106/07) / Non-registration of Permanent Residence – Renewal (5-year period)

Duration: 5 years

Fee: NO

  1. Certified photocopy of all pages of the passport or other travel document covering the validity period of the last residence permit.
  2. Residence permit.
  3. Printout of insurance capacity (direct – indirect) issued by a public insurance agency (EFKA – National Social Security Entity) with the submission of: A.M.K.A. – Social Security Number, Α.Μ.Α. – Social Security Member Registration Number, A.F.M. – Taxpayer Identification Number
    OR Insurance policy by a private insurance company.
  4. Certified copy of the Certificate of Permanent Residence of the EU citizen (not required in the case of a separation).
  5. Solemn declaration by the EU citizen stating that they live together and that he/she assumes the costs of maintenance and living expenses for them in Greece(not required for children over 21 years old and in the case of a separation).
  6. Recent Family Status Certificate or other official document proving the maintenance of the family relationship


(In case of separation) Copy of the filed divorce petition, from which it must be evident that the marriage lasted for at least three years, one of which was in Greece, and evidence of sufficient financial means of subsistence for the applicant or the family member from whom the right of residence is derived.

  1. Documents required for the issuance of the card:
    1. Four (4) recent, colored, passport-sized photos(40x60mm without a frame/high resolution/on a white background/neutral face expression, etc.), submitted also in digital form on an optical storage disk (CD) in JPEG 2000 format.
    2. Card fee of 16 Euroscovering the printing of the separate document (electronic residence permit) (e-Paravolo / fee code 2119).
    3. Official public document from the country of birth or origin, officially certified and translated, clearly stating the place of birth. The translation must also indicate the place of birth in Latin characters.(To be provided only if the passport does not show the place of birth in Latin characters)
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