1 November 2023
2.1.4 Family Members of Permanent Investors (Spouse/Partner – Minor Children – Ascendants of Spouses/Partners) Article 20, paragraph B4 (Law 4251/14) – Renewal

Duration: 5 years or equal to that of the sponsor

  1. Certified photocopy of a valid passport or other travel document recognized by our country.
  2. Residence permit
  3. Electronic fee of 150 Euros (fee code 2107)

(Minors are exempt from the fee)

  1. Insurance Policy by a private insurance company
  2. Residence permit of the sponsor or Certificate of submission of documents
  3. Solemn  declaration by the sponsor stating that their family status has not changed.
  4. Documents required for the issuance of the card:
    • Four (4) recent, colored, passport-sized photos(40x60mm without a frame/high resolution/on a white background/neutral face expression, etc.), submitted also in digital form on an optical storage disk (CD) in JPEG 2000 format.
    • Card fee of 16 Euroscovering the printing of the separate document (electronic residence permit) (e-Paravolo, code 2119).
    • Official public document from the country of birth or origin, officially certified and translated, clearly stating the place of birth. The translation must also indicate the place of birth in Latin characters.(To be provided only if the passport does not show the place of birth in Latin characters)
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