I Want To Be Informed About The Progress Of My File

If you have used the application of the ministry called “Progress of Third Country File” and your inquiry was not answered, you must send an email to the electronic address Dam_a_info@attica.gr.

How Can I Submit An Application For A Residence Permit?

The submission of requests for the issuance or the renewal of a residence permit is conducted exclusively through the electronic application https://applications.migration.gov.gr/metanasteusi/.

I Have Submitted An Electronic Request For A Residence Permit. How Can I Schedule An Appointment For Biometric Data Collection?

Appointments are set by the service. You will wait to receive the respective invitation.

I Did Not Attend The First Appointment For Biometric Data Collection. What Should I Do?

You should send an email to Dam_a_info@attica.gr to schedule a new appointment.

I Am Unable To Complete The Registration Process On The Electronic Platform / I Am Unable To Complete The Electronic Submission Of The Application For The Issuance/Renewal Of A Permit

To best serve and support the users of the application, there is a helpdesk (support center). Users can contact the support center via email: e-rvsupport@migration.gov.gr.

My Permit Is Ready. How Can I Receive It?

By appointment through the electronic platform: https://applications.migration.gov.gr/. For the collection of the residence permit, a valid passport is required, which must have been previously declared in our service.

An Appeal/Revocation Decision Has Been Issued. How Can I Receive It?

Decisions are sent either by registered mail to the declared residence address or by email.

How Can I Submit An Administrative Appeal/Application For Extension Of Voluntary Departure Period?

You can only send it by registered mail or courier to the following address: Salaminias 2 & Petrou Ralli, Athens, Postal Code 11855.

I Changed My Passport. Do I Need To Declare It?

If you hold a valid residence permit, it is not necessary. You will declare it during the renewal of the permit.

I Have Changed Address/My Personal Status Has Changed (Birth Of A Child, Marriage, Divorce). How Can I Declare It?

You will send a registered letter via ELTA or courier services to our office. Office address: Petrou Ralli and Salaminias 2, PC 11855, Athens.

What Are The Documents Which I Need To Submit For The Declaration Of Change Of Residence Address?

You will send the following within two months:

  • In Case Of House Rental: Final declaration of rental property data accepted by both the lessee and the lessor.
  • In Case Of Staying In An Owner-Occupied House: Real estate data declaration (E9) for the current year.
  • In Case Of Accommodation As A Guest: Final declaration of rental property data of the person hosting you, accepted by both the lessee and the lessor, or Declaration of real estate data (E9) for the current year of the person hosting you in their owner-occupied house, along with documents proving that the property is your permanent residence, such as utility bills, telephone bills, tax clearance note, and any other official documents.

What Do I Need To Submit For The Declaration Of Change Of Personal Status (Marriage/Civil Partnership, Divorce, Birth Of A Child, Etc.)?

You must submit the respective official certificate with the registered change within two months.

I Have Been Granted Greek Citizenship. What Should I Do With My Residence Permit?

If you have a new type electronic residence permit (standalone document) issued by our service, you need to send the following by registered mail via Hellenic Post (ELTA) or courier services to the address Petrou Ralli and Salaminias 2, PC 11855, Athens:

  • The original, new type electronic residence permit (standalone).
  • A photocopy of the decision granting Greek citizenship.
  • A photocopy of the first page of your passport.
  • A photocopy of the Birth Certificate from the Municipality where you are registered.

In case of a residence permit in vignette, a photocopy of it must be sent.

I Wish To Withdraw The Request For A Permit That I Have Submitted. What Should I Do?

You should send a registered mail by post or courier services to our office (office address: 2 P. Rallis and Salaminias, postal code 11855, Athens). You must include a signed statement of waiver of your request, a copy of your passport containing your details, and a proof of submission of the original application.

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